✨ I was just shortlisted TOP 6 by Amazon Music Germany Breakthrough✨
Amazon Music Germany and All Hands on Deck nominated me for the chance to perform at the All Hands on Deck festival as a breakthrough artist 💖Ich bin immernoch geflasht Freunde❤️


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Here are some words on the puzzle pieces of the EP; written over vastly different times and spaces, from Bogota to Berlin...


I wrote the song in Paris about falling deeply in love with life and relearning to see magic in little things. I got to film a cRAzy MUSIC VIDEO in Paris 3 years later with some of my best friends; following 3 interweaving love stories through the city of love.]



la escribi junto a unos humanos increíbles en Bogotá. Y grabe un MUSIC VIDEO volando por las calles de Berlín ;) 🚘🌛Then RBB (Radio Berlin Brandenburg) invited me to give my first live radio interview & set 🤯🥺 - including a special stripped down version of Tus Manos:


I originally wrote this song when I was 16. About the narcotic effect certain people have with their beautiful (but empty) words; their 'poetry'... And the video we made tells that story like a good old head-on confrontation.


This one is also en Español and it's about empathy, love and tolerance. About putting in the effort to try and see through others' eyes.

I had the honor of working on the music / vocals for an epic commercial film

🇨🇴🇩🇪🇹🇿 Who is Daada? 🐆🌱🌛

Daada (Maike Valentina Kusserow) is a German-Colombian singer songwriter, raised in Tanzania and now based in Berlin. Her music is an eclectic indie neo-soul window to her soul, narrated by carefully crafted lyrics in a blend of Spanish and English.She found her musical beginnings in violin at 5 and wrote her first song at 7; soon teaching herself guitar. Daada's songs speak to fellow introverted, patch-work souls.Since her debut in 2021, Daada's songs have landed in the "GSA Fresh Finds" Spotify editorial playlist and garnered airplay on the likes of RBB Fritz, Radio Eins as well as Global's Smooth Chill. Not to mention an interview featured on RBB Kultur!

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